Bronze Leopard Head

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The original bronze images were found in the palaces in the Kingdom of Benin. They were elaborated in ivory, with inlays of copper. Nowadays, that tradition of smelting bronze and production of royal figures, leopards, plates, passport masks, it is kept
reproducing the pieces found by the english men at the end of the 19th century,
in the palace.

The leopard is an animal often represented on the plates of bronze, in the base of
the heads in the hangers and, in the fangs of elephant carved in the former
kingdom of Benin. To kill a leopard was a privilege of the Oba, who was having
to these effects of his own hunters: they were provided with specific power to
bring down it, without losing his own life. When they were instructed, these
animals were accompanying Oba (king) in his annual courtship across the villa,
bearing witness this way the power of king on the owner of the forest.

  • Size: 50cm x 17cm
  • Base: 17cm x 23cm