Aroma Diffuser - Bamboo Edition

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New to the collection, the Bamboo Edition is an bamboo based white ceramic top aroma diffuser. It adorns any environment. An equally decorative interior detail as functional. Aroma Diffuser Bamboo Edition creates a well-being in your home with mist, scent and warm lighting. Aroma Diffuser Bamboo Edition produces no heat, vibration or sound, making it perfect to use day and night. With its unique design, this fits in perfectly when you want to mix the stylish with exotic thinking and where well-being is in focus both through mist and fantastic scent.

 Product Information:

  • White ceramic top with Bamboo bass
  • Mist and scent per 100 ml of water: Run for 4-6 hours 
  • automatic shutdown
  • Soft LED Lighting
  • Noise proof