Aroma Burner M | Anillo Edition

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Anillo Edition is a stylishly designed Aroma Burner in white ceramic. Fill the top with water, add a few drops of scented oil or essential oil and light a cosy tea light and enjoy the scent, design and cosy glow.

  • Aroma Burner Anillo Medium
  • White ceramics
  • Size: H 11 cm x W 12 cm X D 8 cm
  • Suitable for fragrance oil, essential oil
  • Gift packaging

Luxury burners for our oils. 

Our ceramic aroma burners are simple to use and effective. Simply add some water to the upper circle, add a few drops of your favourite scent to the water and light a tea light in the base. Enjoy a fresh scent spread throughout the room. 

If you use essential oils, you will experience all the health benefits that aromatherapy has to offer. Perfect for use in all rooms you want to fragrance, adding a cozy feeling with its burning light.