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This original piece on paper by Jaime Jurado size 113 × 83 cm, lends itself as an essential component when it comes to the decoration of a variety of spaces; whether it be a classic environment or a modern one, it fits perfectly into the harmony of any room.

  • Technique: mixed
  • Class: abstract
  • Size: 113cm x 83cm

About Jaime Jurado

In his paintings, reality is mixed as it is, incorporating prudent subjective brushstrokes and newspaper clippings, where sometimes you can read a word that the landscape would like to whisper to us from afar.

The works of Jaime Jurado have an enormous wealth in terms of aesthetic quality, starting from an objective reality that filters until it reaches the state of serenity that his works transmit. He has done a large number of works using a wide repertoire of mixed techniques, including the introduction of collages, to develop large-format works, very expressive and impressive.